Chris Colfer Chris Colfer

Can Glee's Kurt really afford all those fashionable outfits? I thought he came from a struggling middle-class family. — Dottie Alasky, Fairmont, W. Va.

No question about it — the kid's a clotheshorse. On a recent episode of Glee, openly gay teen Kurt (Chris Colfer) was shown rocking a $435 shirt and a $260 silk scarf by designer Alexander McQueen — not exactly the kind of duds that are common for a mechanic's kid from Lima, Ohio.

How does he pull it off? NYC stylist Joseph Williamson says that the style-savvy high-schooler would likely have a wardrobe that mixes couture splurges with cheaper (but still trendy) togs. "When you're a fashionista, clothes are what you spend all your available cash on," says Williamson. (A rep for Glee was unable to provide comment.)

So Kurt would surely be a pro at scouring for bargains at discount stores like TJ Maxx and Loehmann's, eBay auctions and online sample sales like, and could find affordable diamonds in the rough at chains like Target, Urban Outfitters, H&M and the Gap. Says Williamson, "Kurt knows what he's doing." Sing it!

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