Question: I just finished reading Love Monkey and I am hoping the CBS show will be as good as the book. What's the early word?

Answer: I watched a final cut of the pilot on Monday night and I loved just about every minute of it. IMHO, it's the best mid-season show on any network at least based on what new stuff I've seen. It was very reminiscent of Ed, with a little Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous sprinkled in. I also saw Book of Daniel, which I loathed every minute of. Not even Aidan Quinn and Susanna Thompson could salvage what's basically a watered-down Six Feet Under. If TV has produced a more contrived family unit than the one featured on this godforsaken show, I certainly haven't met them. Oh, and the Jesus on Rescue Me kicks the Book of Daniel's Jesus' ass and that's coming from someone who loved Garret Dillahunt (aka Daniel's Jesus) on Deadwood.