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Did the Blue Bloods cops bend the rules of DNA testing?

On the October 8 episode of CBS' Blue Bloods, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) used moves that were even smoother than his 'stache to bring down an accused rapist. When the NYPD hit a dead end nailing their suspect due to his diplomatic immunity, they lured his father into the precinct and asked him to have his son submit to a DNA test. He refused, so they took his used coffee cup and ran the test on him instead. Kosher? Yep, says Andrew Gable, a criminal defense attorney with the law offices of Samuel Gregory. "In order to force someone to supply DNA, you'd need a court order or warrant — but there's nothing to stop them from picking up DNA in other ways." Confirms Det. Cheryl Crispin of NYC's Office of the Deputy Commissioner, "The police surreptitiously acquired the DNA sample, which is part of police work." 

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