Jackie, Brad Womack Jackie, Brad Womack

Did the women not seem surprised that Brad Womack is the Bachelor?

Learning that Brad Womack the Bachelor who's on Round 2 of the ABC dating competition — was this season's main man should've been a jaw-dropper for his harem. And yet when the ladies stepped out of the limos to meet him during the January 3 premiere, one after another seemed armed with a pithy remark. First contestant Chantal O'Brien even slapped the guy — which leads us to believe that either she had a heads-up about who she was about to encounter, or else homegirl has some anger issues.

While ABC wouldn't 'fess up about what the gals knew going in, Bachelor and Bachelorette alums (and current squeezes) Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn warn that all is not as it seems in the land of roses. During the application process, candidates are presented with a variety of scenarios for who could be the show's star.

"They'll ask, 'How would you feel if so-and-so were there?'" says Tenley. On the big night, producers are on hand (even in the limos!) encouraging contestants to hone their spiels. "Some people are probably urged to do crazy things," says Kiptyn. "So depending on how easily persuaded you are, there might be some manufactured moments." What next: That's not really water in the hot tub?

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