Julia Louis-Dreyfus, <EM>The New Adventures of Old Christine</EM> Julia Louis-Dreyfus, The New Adventures of Old Christine

Combining a caustic tongue with knockabout (and knockout) vulnerability, Julia Louis-Dreyfus struck TV gold again — Emmy gold — as a lovable divorcée in CBS' The New Adventures of Old Christine (Mondays at 8:30 pm/ET). The affable actress talked to us about the show's success, her Saturday Night Live days and the Seinfeld legacy.

TV Guide: Congrats on your Emmy for Christine. Did you ever put much stock in that supposed Seinfeld curse?
Julia Louis-Dreyfus:
None. That's ridiculous.

TV Guide: Christine has a lot on her plate juggling work, romance and family. What makes her unique?
That she fails at all of the above. [Laughs]

TV Guide: Any guest stars of note on the horizon?
Yeah, we've got some really fun guest stars. Jane Lynch (Best in Show) is coming back again as Coach Hammond, and Dave Foley (NewsRadio) is a date for Christine in one particular episode. And [we had] Sandra Bernhard (Roseanne) — [in an episode where] we're trying to get people to sign our petition outside of a Whole Foods-type market. It was really fun.... She was outrageous.

TV Guide: You're the first female SNL alum to host the show. What was it like?
Isn't that remarkable? I feel proud and kind of appalled all at once. But mainly proud. I had a wonderful experience.

TV Guide: How do you look back on your time on SNL?
That was a difficult three years. I left college to do that show, and I was very, very naive and green. So I didn't know how to make the system work for me. It was a great place to learn. It was like grad school in entertainment.

TV Guide: When was the last time you went through the day without someone mentioning Seinfeld?
It happens a lot, although I have to say that people mention Christine a lot to me, too, which is a very good feeling. Having said that, though, it makes me proud when people mention Seinfeld to me or a particular episode or scene or phrase, because it's sort of iconic. Who wouldn't want to have that experience in their lives?

TV Guide: Do you miss Elaine's puffy locks?
I do not miss the hair and I do not miss the oversized sort of clothing covering up various pregnancies.

TV Guide: What do you think she did when she got out of prison?
She probably did something and went straight back to prison again. [Laughs]

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