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Judd Apatow, Rebel Wilson Say We Need Gun Control After Louisiana Theater Shooting

"We, as a country, need to find a way to do better."

Jessica Roy

It's a dark day after another act of senseless gun violence in America.

On Thursday evening, a shooter opened fire at a Louisiana movie theater showing Trainwreck, killing two people and ultimately shooting himself. The Los Angeles Times reports the shooter has been identified as 59-year-old John Russell Houser, whom family members described as a mentally ill loner who had recently moved into a nearby motel.

Amy Schumer, who wrote and stars in Trainwreck, tweeted "my heart is broken" after the news came out.

Multiple people dead after another movie theater shooting

Judd Apatow, who directed Trainwreck, was less restrained in his comments. He issued a statement Friday morning about the tragedy.

"One of the reasons we make these movies is because the world can be so horrifying and we all need to laugh just to deal with it. So to have this happen in a room where people were smiling and laughing devastates me. My thoughts and love go out to the victims and anyone touched by this madness or any madness," he said, according to Deadline. "We, as a country, need to find a way to do better."

Actress Rebel Wilson took to Twitter to call for increased laws to prevent these tragedies from happening again.

"I don't like getting political but America you really have to follow Australia's example re gun laws," she tweeted Friday.

By "Australia's example" she's referring to the Port Arthur massacre and its aftermath. In April 1996, a man went on a shooting spree that ultimately killed 35 people. After it happened, Prime Minister John Howard -- by all other measures a hard-line conservative -- passed the National Firearms Agreement. It banned semiautomatic and automatic rifles and shotguns, standardized licensing and permit criteria, and made it so gun buyers had to take a safety course, provide evidence they had proper storage for the gun, and provide a reason for owning it other than self-defense. According to the Washington Post, after the agreement was passed, the firearm homicide rate fell by 59 percent and the firearm suicide rate decreased by 65 percent.

"I don't remember a mass shooting in Australia since they overhauled the gun laws. It seems like every week in America there's a shooting," Wilson tweeted. (She's close: There have actually been 204 mass shootings in America in 2015.) She continued: "I just want people to be safe, especially people that are doing one of my favorite things in the WORLD - going out to the movies 2 have fun."

Unfortunately, this is not the only theater shooting in the news right now: The jury is currently determining the appropriate sentence for James Holmes, who opened fire in a movie theater showing The Dark Knight in 2012. He was found guilty of murder earlier this month.