Josh Hopkins Josh Hopkins

You don't have to remind Josh Hopkins how lucky he is to be a Cougar Town resident. "I've [worked] in this industry pretty regularly... and this is the first show to get a second season. I'm ecstatic," says the likable Kentucky native. We're just as thrilled that he's opening up about his life as one of Wednesday's wittiest, wine-iest friends.

TV Guide Magazine: First off, what's with the tabloids saying you dated and dumped Jennifer Aniston after she appeared in the season opener?
Hopkins: It's awful. I went to one dinner with a friend, and it's been turned into this gross thing.

TV Guide Magazine: At least you're famous enough to be lied about!
Hopkins: Sadly, I'm not. I just had dinner with someone who is!

TV Guide Magazine: So, where are Grayson and Jules headed?
Hopkins: The "will" in the "will they, won't they?" came quicker than expected, and it's great. It looks like they're gonna explore this through the entire season.

TV Guide Magazine: The wine you guys guzzle is grape juice, right?
Hopkins: It is, and it's sweet. We're jacked up on sugar half the time.

TV Guide Magazine: Have you ever been in a "Graysonship" like Jules and Grayson's high-strung- meets-grumpy hookup?
Hopkins: Not yet. [Laughs] Maybe this is preparing me for it!

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