If you're among the people who thought the odd story of Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando hightailing it out of New York in a rental car on 9/11 couldn't get any stranger, you were definitely wrong.

The Guardian reports that British actor Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love) will portray Jackson in a special for Sky Arts, which chronicles the road trip the threesome reportedly made in their attempt to get back to California on the day of the city's terrorist attacks. The film is based on a 2011 Vanity Fair article, which claims they got as far as Ohio, while Marlon Brando demanded to stop at KFCs and Burger Kings along the way.

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Taylor's assistant maintains, for the record, that the actress stayed in New York visiting Ground Zero and praying for victims — a decidedly more fitting narrative, indeed - but who cares? The film sounds mind-boggling delicious, and, well, the uber-ironic colorblind casting of Fiennes-as-Jackson is something we are 100% here for.

Will you watch?