Jonny Fairplay Jonny Fairplay
Jon Dalton, better known as Jonny Fairplay, became one of the most notorious reality contestants ever when he lied on Survivor: Pearl Islands that his grandmother had died. It was an underhanded move that earned the disrespect of his fellow tribe mates, yet apparently helped him land a part in

The Scorned. The upcoming movie's cast is filled with former reality stars looking to extend their 15 minutes of fame, and their behind-the-scenes antics were filmed for the new E! series Kill Reality (Mondays at 10 pm/ET). called up Mr. Fairplay to find out what to expect on the show and to see how his grandma is doing. Did you really have to audition for your part in The Scorned?
Jonny Fairplay: Yes and no. There were auditions that were shown for the show, but the character of DQ was written for and loosely based on Jonny Fairplay. DQ is a twentysomething alcoholic, drug-using, womanizing a------. It's a stretch, because I'm not twentysomething. Did you get to improvise at all?
Jon: Absolutely. I'm one of the few that got to improvise probably most of my scenes. Was it fun to let loose?
Jon: It was actually the greatest experience of my entire life. And after Survivor, I thought nothing would ever come close to that. This was more amazing. Some of the best friends I've ever made in my life were all a part of this, so being able to work with them was incredible. But I was a little upset by the casting. Looking around, I was like, "Thanks, now who am I supposed to be mean to?" I think a lot of people are going to be surprised by how nice a guy Jonny Fairplay is in real life. As long as I'm not starving and not trying to win a million dollars, I'm a pretty nice guy. Any scheming?
Jon: I sort of save the scheming for the bedroom in this one. The difference between this and Survivor is the alcohol never stops, and the high jinks kind of go hand-in-hand with that. But as far as scheming, that's all reserved for the boom-boom room. Did you have any "luck"?
Jon: You're going to have to watch and see, but I thought I did pretty good. According to Steven Hill [from Real World: Las Vegas], I'm the biggest pimp in reality television. You sound like you're mellowing.
Jon: An underlying theme of the show — I don't know if it was intentional, but I know it wasn't intentional going into it — is the duality of Jonny Fairplay and Jon Dalton. I think a lot of people are going to be shocked by the heart that Jon Dalton has. Your show sounds a lot like The Surreal Life.
You know, I think that's the meanest thing you could ever say.... Sorry.
Jon: No... My favorite season of reality television ever was Real World: Las Vegas. No comparison. I think that was the best TV ever. It was wild, absolute insanity every single day. The first day we got to the [Kill Reality] house, everyone is going over their scripts and taking this extremely seriously, because for some people this is their one and only chance. So instead of partying and drinking, everyone's running lines and I'm like, "Whoa, I'm worried." Fast-forward a couple of hours and you had a window knocked out and someone trying to go out of it. How's your grandmother?
Jon: There is an homage to her in the movie. She's been on the Internet daily for the scoop, and we actually called her from the sequester house probably four times throughout filming just for her to talk to everyone. She's super-excited, e-mailing all of her friends and telling them to watch. It's hilarious. My grandmother's 70 and she's going e-mail crazy. Have you had any fun fan encounters?
Jon: Pretty much every time I leave the house someone says something to me. I'm easily one of the top three most recognizable reality stars ever. The cool thing about my character is that a lot of people see me as a really evil, mean guy. So, especially when I'm in Vegas, people say, 'Hey, it's Jonny Fairplay,' and I go "F you!' and they go "Thank you!" That's the best part. I've gone out with [Survivor's] Rupert [Bonham] before, and his character is a nice guy so he can't really mess with that image. With me, it's like "F you" and they really don't care.