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Jon Stewart Took On Rachel Dolezal's Story...And How Fox News Did

Take a look at the special new segment

Shelli Weinstein

Jon Stewart broke out a new segment on Monday night's Daily Show, just for Rachel Dolezal, the white NAACP leader who has been passing herself as a black woman for the past ten years.

The name of the new bit? "Whaaaaat!?"

While going through the bizarre story with appropriately perplexed reactions, Stewart figured that the story - and the night's "Whaaaaat!?" segment - would end with Dolezal's resignation...."Unless of course somebody wants to take a singular incident unrepresentative of any larger construct or trend and force it into exhausting, 24-hour Benghazi Obamaphone culture war dog whistle who-gives-a-f----a-tron," he added.

And Fox News did just that, with one talking head even going so far to say that the incident is proof that racism isn't so wide-spread because "if racism was so pernicious, why would a white woman pretend to be black?"

Rachel Dolezal tells Today: "I identify as black"

Check out Stewart's response:

But he didn't stop there. On the note that he couldn't think of another similar case of a white person posing as black, Stewart brought in his "senior black correspondent"....who happens to be the definitely-not-black Jordan Klepper. And, well, you just have to watch what happens when the real senior black correspondent, Jessica Williams, takes over.