Jon Stewart is having the best week ever.

The Daily Show host, who is leaving the series in August, got the greatest goodbye present from Donald Trump on Tuesday when the billionaire announced he's running for president.

"Thank you, Donald Trump, for making my last six weeks my best six weeks," Stewart said. "He's putting me in some kind of comedy hospice."

Stewart, who coined the popular Trump nickname F---face von Clownstick, gushed over Trump's presidential announcement, calling it "over half an hour of the most beautifully ridiculous jibber-jabber ever to pour forth from the mouth of a batsh-- billionaire."

Donald Trump announces presidential bid

"America's id is running for president," he continued. "Trump is the part of your brain that's like at 3 a.m. going, 'Let's go take a sh-- in a mailbox.'"

Luckily for us, Stewart's coverage of Trump's presidential run is just getting started. "Let's dance, Clownstick!" Stewart proclaimed.