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Forget finding a celebrity apprentice. According to Jon Stewart (and let's face it, a lot of other people) Donald Trump needs to find a clue.

Last night, The Daily Show host devoted almost nine minutes to eviscerating the Donald for his latest public bungle and it was deeeee-licious. No, Stewart wasn't taking the mogul to task for pow-wowing with Sarah Palin. What most offended Stewart was how he entertained the ex-governor-turned-reality star-slash-stage mom during her Magical Mystery bus-tour stop in the Big Apple: by taking her to an Albanian-run pizza chain on 50th and Broadway instead of an authentic pizzeria... and then daring to eat his slice with a fork!

Incensed into TV-MA territory, a red-faced, flabbergasted Stewart let loose a hilarious, censor-testing rant that would make even the most jaded Manhattanite proud, putting Trump on blast for disgracing the sanctity of the city's legendary cuisine.

"You can put your name on everything, you can build your ***ing glass and gold-painted buildings to the sky, blocking out the Central Park sun, it's fine. It's fine. But you invite an important visitor to our house, our town, and eat your pizza with ***ing fork right in front of us? Who the *** do you think you are? Why don't you take a *** in Fiorello LaGuardia's hat and feed it to Joe DiMaggio's crying ghost on Liberty Island, you son of a *****!"

While we know this wasn't the day's most important piece of news — or really news at all — it was still a hoot to behold. There is no one who does bemused indignation better than Stewart. But Trump should probably think twice about how he conducts himself when out among his fellow New Yorkers. If he ever does plan to run for president, this kind of snafu would surely stick a fork in his hopes of winning the Empire State's votes.

Did you catch Jon Stewart's slam? What do you think of Trump's newfound alliance with Palin?

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