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Compared to his Donald Trump pizza rant last week, Jon Stewart's Daily Show skewering of New York Rep. Anthony Weiner was downright tame — that's because the comedian had no idea what to say about his old friend's sex scandal.

"I don't know what to do anymore! It's killing me," Stewart said on Monday's Daily Show, hours after Weiner admitted to sending lewd photos of himself to women on Twitter. Stewart had previously said he was torn over cracking jokes at Weiner's expense because they had been friends for more than 20 years.

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"Perhaps the most upsetting thing about having a friend caught up in a scandal of this nature is finding out, A) he's packing jumbo heat, and B) he's ripped," Stewart quipped Monday while two photos of Weiner — a crotch shot and a bare-chest shot — flashed on screen. "I can't believe this guy and I are the same f---ing age!"Stewart also joked that blogger Andrew Breitbart, whose first broke the news last week, "Kanye'd" the press conference by taking to the podium to speak first."This is the weirdest f---ing story I've ever seen in my life — or the greatest episode of Maury

ever," Stewart said before showing a snippet of Weiner's teary and lengthy admission.

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"At 4:25 p.m. Eastern standard time, this story officially became sad," Stewart said, turning to another camera and becoming serious. "You know, we forget sometimes that these people are human, and that's a lesson that's going to stay with me, until I turn back to the camera over there — and do a little bit on the John Edwards story."Watch the clip: