Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer

Despite his Christmas arrest and allegations that he threatened his wife with a knife, Charlie Sheen is back on the set of Two and a Half Men and doing just fine, co-star Jon Cryer says.

"He's been incredibly professional, always, but especially in times of personal crisis," Sheen's Men co-star tells People. "He is solid as a rock [and] today was no different. ...Thankfully a good script can get everybody through awkward moments."

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However, the recent Emmy winner also says its clear things aren't completely back to normal a mere 11 days after Sheen was arrested on domestic violence charges. "He was in his usual good humor on read-through day but obviously with the weight of something hanging on him a bit."

Cryer, who has starred on the show alongside Sheen for seven seasons, says news of the incident came as a "total shock," and not only because of Sheen's constant professionalism. "He's been a good friend to me and it's painful," Cryer says.

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Two and a Half Men creator/executive producer Chuck Lorre tells the magazine that off-camera problems have never made their way onto the set.

"In seven years and 152 episodes, Charlie has never been anything other than a total pro. No entourage, no star trips, just a professional actor doing his job," Lorre says. "Apart from a few sick days and some babies being born, he hasn't missed a day of work. Beyond that he's been a good friend and colleague who's always fun to work with."