Since it stands to reason that the PYTs of Fox's The O.C. top most of America's most-wanted boy- and girlfriends lists, you'd think that the cast could get anyone and everyone they fancy. But it ain't necessarily so, Rachel Bilson sadly informs TV Guide Online. "My crushes are kind of like out of reach... unless you can tell Johnny Depp to forget the girlfriend and the kid!"

Consider the Pirates of the Caribbean star's booty officially called, Rachel! In the meantime, the 22-year-old cutie can content herself with the knowledge that, wish though she may to be meeting Gilbert Grape, she already has a beau of her own. "I am involved at the moment," she confides. "And he's not in [show] business, which is a blessing."

"He thinks [my job is] kind of cool," she adds, amused. "He's like, 'There's my girlfriend on TV!'" (We bet — especially when she's wearing Wonder Woman hot pants!)

If there is a pothole in Bilson's path on the road to everlasting love, it could be, ironically, her burgeoning success. Now that Summer the vixen is as popular as summer the season, the heretofore unknown actress is getting recognized right and left. "It's definitely weird to be out and have people know who I am," she admits, "but I'm pretty proud of [the way my significant other is handling it]. He's doing pretty good."

Besides, should her fans ever get, you know, fanatical, she and her lucky guy could always pull a Jacko and play dress-up. As a matter of fact, we suspect she'd look smashing in Keira Knightley's hand-me-down buccaneer garb! "Oh, God!" she laughs. "I'm so bad at that stuff! I'm so to myself as it is! I can't imagine [what I'd actually do if] it ever gets that way!"