Uncle Jesse and Michelle made up!

Or at least they talked. After John Stamos called bullsh-- on reports that the Olsen twins hadn't heard about the upcoming Netflix Full House series (which it titled Fuller House, natch), he tweeted that he sat down and spoke to Mary-Kate Olsen about it.

John Stamos: "I call bullsh--" on Olsen twins not knowing about new Full House series

Here's what he said:

Two days earlier, he had responded thusly to the rumor:

He also had some harsh words for an alleged Full House tell-all on Lifetime:

The reboot isn't the only thing on his mind: Stamos also tweeted about the Nepal earthquake, posting a photo of himself on his 2014 trip there posing in front of landmark that was destroyed in last week's disaster as well as a link to a donation site for OxFam.

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