This week has brought some good news for Last Week Tonight host John Oliver. He and his wife, Kate Norley, have welcomed a baby boy, E Online reports.

"Everybody is happy and healthy," an HBO rep said.

Oliver and Norley met while he was covering the 2008 Republican National Convention for The Daily Show. Norley, who served as a combat medic in Iraq was at the event with an advocacy organization for veterans and hid Oliver from security after he sneaked onto a floor he hadn't been authorized for. You know that's true love! They tied the knot in 2011.

Now that he's a dad, we'll have to wait until Sunday to see if Oliver will revisit government policy on family leave. Back in May, the host called out lawmakers for delivering platitudes to mothers on Mothers' Day, while 40 percent of the country's workers aren't entitled to paid maternity leave.

John Oliver just threw massive shade at Donald Trump

"You can't go on and on about how much you love mothers and then fail to support legislation that makes life easier for them," he said in the May segment. "In fact, until we, as a country do something address this, this should be the only message that we're allowed to send on Mother's Day."

The Season 2 finale of Last Week Tonight will air on Nov. 22. Earlier this year,. HBO renewed the show through 2017.

Video: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Paid Family Leave