John Leguizamo called it. During an interview with TV Guide Online last Friday, the actor-comedian was asked why he was skipping the Screen Actors Guild Awards (where he and his Moulin Rouge co-stars were up for best movie ensemble) — opting instead to stay in New York for the weekend premiere of his new animated flick, Ice Age. His response? "I love Moulin Rouge, but Gosford Park's going to [win]. That is the only real ensemble film."

Sure enough, the cast of Robert Altman's acclaimed murder mystery did in fact walk off with SAG's top honor Sunday night. However, when it comes to the granddaddy of all kudofests — the Academy Awards — the would-be soothsayer says Gosford Park won't be so lucky. "I think [Moulin Rouge] is going to get best picture," he predicts, "so I'm pretty excited about that."

Leguizamo won't be at the actual Oscar ceremony, but he will be making the after-party rounds. "It's no fun going to the Oscars if you're not literally nominated," he laments. "It's like going to the prom without a date. You can't ask anybody to dance because everybody is hooked up."

And then there's the food. "You never eat at the Oscars," cracks the 37-year-old performer, who will bring his acclaimed one-man Broadway show, Sexaholix, to HBO on April 13. "That food is terrible. They mostly have cheap booze.

"The after-parties [on the other hand] are catered really well," he adds with a smirk. "That's where the good food is."