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John Cena Will Star in HBO Max's Suicide Squad Spin-Off Series Peacemaker

James Gunn is on board to write and direct

Tim Surette

Actor-wrassler John Cena is about to do such a great job stealing the show as the DC Comics character Peacemaker in the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel that you're going to wish you could see more of him. Thanks to HBO Max, you will.

The streaming service has ordered the action-comedy series Peacemaker, with Cena reprising the role of the vigilante superhero (supervillain?) in a series that delves into the character's origins. James Gunn, who directed the first Suicide Squad film and will be directing the Suicide Squad sequel, will write all of Peacemaker and direct multiple episodes. HBO Max has ordered eight episodes. 

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The character Peacemaker first appeared in Charlton Comics' Fightin' 5 in 1966 before being acquired by DC in the late 1980s. Peacemaker's real name is Christopher Smith, a man of contradictions so obsessed with makin' peace that he uses copious amounts of violence to accomplish his goal. In the comics, his commitment to peace comes from his guilt of knowing that his father was a Nazi war criminal, and he's not all right in the head, as he believes he's haunted by his father as well as those he's killed for his pacifism. 

If you need an idea of what kind of tone Peacemaker will take, Gunn provided it. "Peacemaker is an opportunity to delve into current world issues through the lens of this superhero/supervillain/and world's biggest douchebag," Gunn said in a statement.

Just as Disney+ is expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe with original series, HBO Max appears to be digging deep into DC. HBO Max previously announced an upcoming series based on the world of the upcoming The Batman film, and you can bet there will be more DC series down the line. 

Peacemaker is scheduled to begin production in early 2021, before Gunn gets to work on the next Guardians of the Galaxy film.

John Cena, True Grit

John Cena, True Grit

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