Jodie Foster Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster is developing a drama for Showtime that will revolve around a female mob boss, Deadline reports.

Foster will direct and executive-produce Angie's Body, a series whose central character is "shrewd, sexy and, when necessary, lethal woman who runs a family-based crime syndicate," according to the report.

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The script will be written by Rob Fresco, who also penned Heroes and Jericho. Fresco will also executive-produce, with Foster and Russ Krasnoff (Community).

This won't be the first time Foster has stepped behind the camera. In addition to directing the films Little Man Tate, Home for the Holidays and last year's Beaver, she directed an episode of the 1980s series Tales from the Darkside. Foster is also a co-executive producer of Fox's Touch and was an executive producer for the 1998 Showtime TV movie The Baby Dance.