Joaquin Phoenix Joaquin Phoenix

Looks like Joaquin Phoenix is trying to toughen up his new hip-hop image.

Shortly after taking the stage at a Miami Beach night club, Phoenix had words with a heckler and jumped into the audience to confront the man, according to The Associated Press. Phoenix appeared on stage smoking a cigarette, dressed in a disheveled suit and sporting his now trademark beard early Thursday morning. He began rapping unintelligibly, but soon became agitated and addressed a member of the audience.

"We have a f---ing bitch in the audience," Phoenix said, adding later, "This is a $3,000 f---ing suit," according to Us.

Phoenix then jumped into the audience. He and the heckler were face-to-face when security dragged Phoenix back on stage out escorted him out the building. It is unclear if the men ever exchanged blows.

Interestingly (or unsurprisingly), Casey Affleck's brother-in-law was on hand to film the performance. Affleck was standing with — and filming — Phoenix when the actor announced he was giving up acting to pursue hip-hop in October.

Since then, Phoenix has made a number of strange appearances, most notably on The Late Show with David Letterman, where he sat mostly in silence and answered questions only in small bursts of words. The appearance — which ended with Phoenix sticking his gum on Letterman's desk and was lampooned by Ben Stiller at the Oscars — fueled rumors that Phoenix's career change was an Andy Kaufman-like hoax being documented by Affleck.

"(Affleck's) camera was filming the whole time, so it makes me think he has ulterior motives," audience member Luis Gendron told the AP. "He knows the game he's playing, and he's good at it."

You can watch the video below. Do you think this was just another stunt?