As practically everybody and their mom - or, Aunt Viv, as it were - knows, this year's pre-Oscars conversation has gotten super intense as more and more power players delve deep into a complicated discussion about race. Thankfully, Jimmy Kimmel stepped in to take anxiety levels down a few notches with his solution on Jimmy Kimmel Live: remixing the current crop of films with new names and black cast members.

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In the bit, Kimmel has Even Stevens' actor Tom Virtue step in as a fake PR spokesperson from the the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to suggest The Big Short be renamed The Big Shawty, starring rapper Bow Wow. Room turns into Crib with Kevin Hart as the kid. The Revenant becomes The Revenant Al Sharpton. "His hair is like that because he got attacked by a bear," Virtue says.

It's a cute bit, even if it is potentially as uncomfortable as the situation itself. Having a white dude use outdated slang (the campaign hashtag is #GettinJiggyWitIt) could be seen as tone-deaf cultural mockery at a time when there's not much to laugh about. But hey, that's the point of comedy right? What do you think - funny or not cool?

Check out the bit below.