Jimmy Kimmel had a big lead-in thanks to the Oscars on Sunday night, and he didn't let it go to waste. His perceptive writing staff noted that Donald Trump's presidential campaign bears a striking resemblance to the musical The Producers. In The Producers, Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane produce a terrible play that's designed to fail so they can embezzle their investors. In the sketch, they're political consultants who enlist terrible candidate Donald Trump to run for president so they can skim the campaign contributions. And like in The Producers, their plan gets out of control when it becomes a hit. According to Jimmy Kimmel Live, Donald Trump is "Springtime for Hitler."

In the sketch, Lane and Broderick run down a list of a few of the things Trump has said that should have disqualified him, but have had no effect or have made him stronger. "It's a story that starts out funny, and then gets really really depressing," notes a fake Variety headline.

Check out the sketch, which features Cloris Leachman as a Trump supporter and news footage of Trump himself, right here.