Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon may have left Saturday Night Live, but that's not stopping him from impersonating political figures.

The comedian rolled out his best Mitt Romney impersonation on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday, poking fun at the Republican presidential candidate's recent gaffe dismissing 47 percent of Americans as government dependents who "believe that they are victims."

Fallon plays up Romney as stiff and out of touch — not all that different from Jason Sudeikis' take on the former Massachusetts governor. (Sudeikis is handling Romney duties over at SNL.)

President Obama addresses Mitt Romney's "47 percent" comments on Late Show

"I admit what I said was not elegantly stated. Perhaps I made a bit of a Honey Boo Boo," Fallon says as Romney, before laughing awkwardly.

Check out the full video below. Who do you think does a better Mitt Romney: Fallon or Sudeikis?