Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon

Cheers to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for striking comedy gold at the expense of Donald Trump.

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Two nights after the SNL alum's fellow "Weekend Update" anchor Seth Meyers — not to mention President Obama himself — decimated the Celebrity Apprentice star at the White House Correspondents Dinner — Fallon nailed Trump with a dead-on impression. Holding a press conference to address the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, the Donald made it all about himself, questioning why the Commander-in-Chief had to interrupt Celebrity Apprentice to make the announcement ("Where were you during The Paul Resier Show, Mr. President?") — and holding up a copy of TV Guide Magazine to boot!

Of course, Fallon wasn't the only late-night cutup to take aim at Trump — or Bin Laden. Jon Stewart said he initially wondered if Obama was cutting into Celebrity Apprentice to take even more shots at his would-be White House rival, and Conan O'Brien asked "How do we kill Osama again next Sunday?" Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel unveiled the trailer for Weekend at Bin Laden's, and David Letterman inquired, "Did you enjoy the Osama Bin Laden season finale?" Somehow, we don't think that'll be the last Osama gag.

What did you think of the late-night response to the demise of Osama Bin Laden—and Donald Trump?

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