Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter made a heartbreaking announcement on Sunday to his church congregation: His 28-year old grandson Jeremy Carter passed away.

According to CNN, Jeremy said he was not feeling well on Saturday and went to take a nap. His heart stopped and the family tried CPR before rushing him to the hospital. He officially passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Carter made the announcement at Marantha Baptist Church before teaching the Sunday school class that he's helmed for years.

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"[President Carter] was shaken," Rev. Jeremy Shoulta told CNN. "He was obviously sad although he was able to teach and he was able to present the lesson as well as he always has. But it was apparent to everyone there that this was weighing on him very heavily."

President Carter had a health scare himself earlier in 2015 when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Fortunately, with radiation treatment he was able to declare himself cancer free last August.