Jill Blackstone Jill Blackstone

Police believe Jill Blackstone, the TV producer who was charged with murder this week in the death of her sister Wendy Blackstone, was part of a suicide pact with her sister and backed out at the last minute, TMZ reports.

Jerry Springer, Rosie producer arrested on suspicion of murdering her sister

Police say that Jill, who has worked as a producer on daytime shows including Jerry Springer and Rosie, brought a lit barbecue grill into the garage of the home that she shared with her sister last Saturday, with the intention that they (and their two dogs) would die of carbon monoxide poisoning, according to TMZ. Police believe Wendy and the dogs did die of carbon monoxide poisoning, while Jill had a change of heart and called a friend, who dialed 9-1-1. (No official cause of death has been determined for Wendy.)

A handwritten suicide note was found with Wendy, who was deaf and partially blind, and police reportedly believe the note was written by Jill.

After the incident, Jill was hospitalized for two days with carbon monoxide poisoning, and upon her release was arrested and then released on $1 million bail.