Big-screen versions of classic TV shows are all the rage in Hollywood right now. Nicole Kidman plans to play Samantha Stephens — the nose-twitchin' witch originated by Elizabeth Montgomery — in a Bewitched movie. And if Jessica Simpson gets her way, she'll be the one to fill Barbara Eden's sequined bra and harem pants for an I Dream of Jeannie flick. But will the pop tart's wish be granted?

According to the Newlyweds star's manager-dad, Joe Simpson, yes. With Columbia Pictures moving forward on a film adaptation of Jeannie, Pop says, "she'd be one of their top contenders."

And here's how sure the "Irresistible" vixen feels she's right for the part. Earlier this month, Simpson took a risk by making a very public plea to Sony on Larry King Live, telling guest host Ryan Seacrest she really wants to be Jeannie. Talk about chutzpah!

However, a studio exec stresses, "we're talking with a wide range of actresses and not negotiating with anyone." Still, Pa says Jess is earnestly taking acting lessons, and maintains that she'd be a natural to play the bottled blonde: "Their personalities are pretty close." — Additional reporting by Daniel R. Coleridge