Jersey Shore Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore fans got a special treat this week with two new episodes — and the gang was as productive as usual. Snooks got arrested for being annoying, Deena hooked up with Ronni's doppelgänger, J-Woww broke up with her man in front of an audience, and the Sitch coined our new favorite Shore phrase. Check out our double-episode breakdown for each cast member.

Snooki, The Brand: Jersey Shore star strikes licensing deal  

For her: She was mature enough to forget the way Sammi treated her and was willing to move past it.
Against her: Her drunken fall off a nightclub stage made us embarrassed for her. And her technique of making friends with the girls at the bars, complimenting them on their "phenomenal boobs," doesn't mitigate the fact that she then went and hooked up with them to get a rise out of the guys.
Verdict: Hate her

For her: When Snooks got arrested, she somehow found the time to get a "Free Snooki" shirt made. Impressive. And when she and Tom split, she rushed home to make sure her dogs were safe — what a good mother.
Against her: Instead of telling Snooks to cut back on her day-drinking during their heart-to-heart, she told Snooki that she needs to find love. How... profound? But she actually popped a squat behind a bar, which is just dirty on so many levels.
Verdict: Love her

For him: Even though last season's crazy stalker returned to throw a drink in his face, he laughed it off. And his mockery of "the note" incident was pretty great.
Against him: Nothing, as usual.
Verdict: Love him

For him: The drunken Ronni laugh was back.
Against him: We don't have anything against Ronni this week, but "Fake Ronni" totally played Deena by pretending he's single.
Verdict: Love him (Hate the stunt double)

For her: She finally apologized to Snooki for cutting off their friendship and made the effort to start fresh with Deena.
Against her: She goes cuckoo-bird crazy on Ron and accuses him of cheating on her out of the blue.
Verdict: Hate her

For him: He coined our new favorite term: kitchen-ditchin' (v.), the act of avoiding an unwanted hookup by sneaking out of bed and hiding in the kitchen while the girl is in the bathroom.
Against him: Kitchen-ditchin' a roommate is kind of messed up.
Verdict: Hate him

For her: She was mature enough to accept Sammi's apology. And her binge-drinking resulted in one of the most entertaining build-ups to an arrest yet. Here's the abridged version: She does a body shot with an old guy, falls off a bike, rolls around in the sand, and mouths off to a cop before screaming "I'm a good person" while getting cuffed. Amazing.
Against her: She named Vinny's reportedly significant endowment "Seabiscuit."
Verdict: Love her

For him: He doesn't go along with drunken Snooki's advances because he doesn't want to take advantage of her. And he's genuinely concerned about her drinking problem.
Against him: Nothing
Verdict: Love him

What did you think? Who do you love and hate this week?