Jersey Shore Jersey Shore

This week, the Jersey Shore cameras took viewers to place they never should have gone: the examination room in which Ronni had his rectal exam. Meanwhile, the girls hit up the sex shop for some new outfits, Pauly's stalker resurfaced, and Ron and Sammi broke up again.

Jersey Shore Episode 5: Do we love them or hate them?

For her: She said she doesn't sleep with guys she just met.
Against her: She slept with Ron's friend, who she just met.
Verdict: Love her

For her: She put aside the drama with Sammi and included her in the girls' trip to the sex shop.
Against her: She got a little too into the x-rated outfits from the sex shop.
Verdict: Love her

For him: He told Snooki's man to apologize to her by sending her roses with fried pickles on the side. The only way to her heart.
Against him: He brought crazy stalker Danielle back to the house. You don't do that with a "Stage 5 Clinger" who just threw a drink in your face.
Verdict: Love him

For him: Nothing. He was pretty much a jerk this episode.
Against him: He broke up with Sammi for no reason. We all know she isn't the easiest girlfriend to have, but this one was really out of the blue.  
Verdict: Hate him

For her: She tried to be a good girlfriend by accompanying her boyfriend to his rectal exam appointment.
Against her: Nothing. We actually felt bad for her for the first time in a long time.
Verdict: Love her

For him: He made a good point: Why is Sammi always straightening her hair when it's already straight?
Against him: Nothing, for once.
Verdict: Love him

For her:  In her drunken state, her first instinct was to sleep on the floor with J-Wow's dogs.
Against her: She told Pauly D that she would take his sperm and making babies. Can you imagine the hair those children would have? Oh, and her theory on why salt water is salty: whale sperm.
Verdict: Love her

For him: He made sure Pauly's stalker Danielle knew what everyone at the house really thought about her.
Against him: Nothing.
Verdict: Love him