Jersey Shore Jersey Shore

On this week's Jersey Shore, Ron ditches Sammi to hang out with his boys, Vinny and Sitch go after the same drunk girl, and Snooki hides in a bush for no apparent reason. See how we feel about the gang this week.

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For her: She coined the term "female backpack" to describe Sammi's clinginess with Ron. Genius!
Against her: She does the same "waaah" baby cry as Snooki.
Verdict: Love her

For her: We give her credit for being consistent in her hatred for Sammi.
Against her: She allowed Snooki to poke at her fake boobs while she was getting ready for the club and didn't even flinch.
Verdict: Love her

For him: He announced the group's arrival at the tanning salon by screaming, "The guidos are here!" And it was sweet to see him set a place for Ron and Sammi even though he knew they'd be no-shows.
Against him: Nothing
Verdict: Love him

For him: He finally admitted that he misses hanging out with the guys and is just taking all of Sammi's misery and making it his. And he seems to be genuinely sorry for what he did to Sammi in Miami.
Against him: There's no excuse for missing Sunday dinner!
Verdict: Love him

For her: Again, nothing.
Against her: Ugh, where do we start? She eavesdropped on Ron and Sitch's heart-to-heart. She ditches Sunday dinner. She and Ron steal a car to spend the day alone, but then pouts when everyone joins them. Plus: She totally whined about feeling lost and alone, as if she isn't the architect of her own misery.
Verdict: Hate her

For him: He made a few solid attempts at trying to squash Ronnie and Sammi's situation (it's too easy) with the rest of the house.
Against him: But he gave himself one too many pats on the back in the process.
Verdict: Hate him

For her: She proved she has a big heart by telling the gang that deep down she still cares for Sammi. Plus: She never fails to amuse us, as she did when she hid inside a giant potted bush in a nightclub.
Against her: She thought playing kickball on the roof was good idea.
Verdict: Love her

For him: He rescued the house's bouncy ball from an adjacent roof using a contraption made of brooms and beer funnels. "Like MacGyver, the mission's a success," he crows.
Against him: He actually considered sharing a girl from the club with Sitch. And did he really ask Deena if real boobs are made of milk?
Love him

Who do you love and hate this week? Give us your lists below.