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Jerry Lewis kept the television critics laughing on Friday during the Encore preview of the upcoming feature-length documentary Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis, but was cagey about the future of his involvement with the annual Labor Day telethon.

Jerry Lewis stepping down from Labor Day telethon

In May, the 85-year-old comedian announced that this would be his last year doing the telethon that benefits the Muscular Dystrophy Association. When asked how he feels about his final run, Lewis responded, "Who told you that? I never read it. Do you remember when the [The Chicago Tribune] printed, 'Dewey Wins'? Anything you read, read it twice."

When pressed what his role would be on the telethon this year, he refused to say ... until Sept. 5.

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"You have to assume that the question you asked is motivated by something that had to be a little emotion, and I have to tell you the truth," Lewis said. "Sept. 5, the day after that program, I will have an international press conference with Reuters and London and China and Taiwan and all over the world about what I think is important and that's the future, not the past."

Method of the Madness will air on Encore this fall.