Matt Jackson Matt Jackson

It's been a while since Jeopardy! had a contestant so undeniably fascinating that you couldn't resist tuning in. Matt Jackson is that guy.

The 23-year-old paralegal has been absolutely crushing it for the past eight episodes, winning just over $230,000 and obliterating the competition each time. But the fact that Jackson may be the one to end Ken Jennings' 74-game streak isn't what makes him such a sensation. It's his perfect, taxidermied smile that slowly spreads over his face without quite ever reaching his eyes.

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Jackson also has no time for Alex Trebek's lackadaisical chatter, often steamrolling over the host in a rush to get to the next question.

And only eight episodes into his championship reign, Jackson's signature catchphrase "Boom!" is already spawning fan videos.

So yeah, this guy is the best. Here's hoping he does manage to break Jennings' record, so we can look forward to many more weeks of this.