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Jeopardy! Contestant Tricks Alex Trebek into Saying "Turd Ferguson"

This woman is our new personal hero

Sadie Gennis

While you were going about your typical business on Wednesday, tweeting mean things at Stephen Amell or preparing Donald Trump jokes to tweet during the debate, little did you know that magic was happening. Real magic. The kind that the Internet is built for.

During that evening's episode of Jeopardy!, contestant Talia Lavin delivered the greatest answer possible to a question about an Oscar-nominated song, when she wrote: "What is the love ballad of Turd Ferguson?", thus forcing Alex Trebek to read the name on air.

For those of you who are just now surfacing from a Blast From the Past situation and don't know what Turd Ferguson is (because clearly, that's the only excuse), it's a name made famous by Norm Macdonald's Burt Reynolds impression from Saturday Night Live's old Celebrity Jeopardy! sketches.

"I love Norm Macdonald, and think giant Styrofoam hats are funny," Lavin told The Huffington Post, adding, "I'm honored to be trending on [Facebook] with my homeslices Iggy Azalea and Jeb Bush."

Watch the historic Jeopardy! moment below.