Jenny Sanford, Barbara Walters Jenny Sanford, Barbara Walters

After appearing on Barbara Walters' "10 Most Fascinating People of 2009" special, South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford is filing for a divorce, according to the Wall Street Journal.

VIDEO: Gov. Sanford admits to affair

In a statement, Sanford said "the dissolution of any marriage is a sad and painful process" and added that her actions come "after many unsuccessful efforts at reconciliation."

Six months ago, Sanford's husband, Republican Gov. Mark Sanford, tearfully admitted to having an affair on national television. At the time, Sanford said his Argentine lover was his "soul mate."

Unlike other political wives who have physically stood by their husbands as they confessed to an affair, Sanford did not. "No, I wouldn't have; if he would have asked me, I would have said no," she told Walters.