Perennial tabloid favorite Jennifer Aniston penned a piece for the Huffington Post this week that once again refutes reports that she's pregnant, but also lambastes the rags for what she sees as sexist and demeaning treatment.

"The reality is," she writes in what she calls as her first statement like this, "the stalking and objectification I've experienced first-hand, going on decades now, reflects the warped way we calculate a woman's worth. I resent being made to feel 'less than' because my body is changing and/or I had a burger for lunch and was photographed from a weird angle and therefore deemed one of two things: 'pregnant' or 'fat.'"

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The essay comes after the latest pregnancy speculation from blogs and tabloid magazines — which of course follows years of coverage of Aniston's relationships and breakups with A-listers including Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn and husband Justin Theroux.

Aniston also makes the point in her essay that, in addition to unfair emphasis on her body, the stories enforce the idea that women aren't "complete" unless they have husbands and children. "We get to determine our own 'happily ever after' for ourselves," she wrote.