Jennie Garth Jennie Garth

Since Jennie Garth lent a hand to launching the CW's recent 90210 remake, is it reasonable to think she might do the same for the recently announced Melrose Place redux?

Reasonable or not, it's not going to happen, E! reports. Although it was Garth who helped the original Melrose spin off from 9-0, the actress says she's not interested in this new chapter.

"I think they should keep it separate," she said. "And no, I don't want to do it."

Garth didn't give any real reason why she would be against taking a role, but she did seem excited to hear that the CW was resurrecting Melrose as well.

"It just makes me laugh," she said. "They're doing that one, too! I love it!"

Do you think there's any chance that Garth might change her mind, and if so, would you be happy to see her on the new Melrose Place?