Melrose Place Melrose Place

Had 90210 not already hit our screens this fall, the following news might have flipped your red wig. To reveal one nasty scar.

Sources confirm for that, just as the netlet did with Beverly Hills, 90210, the CW is readying a reboot of that 1990s show's own spin-off, Melrose Place.

Details are nil on the project, which at this very early stage is embarking on the hunt for a writer. But series cocreator Darren Star will have no involvement in the revisiting. (CW parent CBS Paramount owns rights to both of the Aaron Spelling productions.)

Star told just last month that whether he was involved or not, "It would be a fun thing to do. I wouldn't be surprised if it happened, if it can be put together in the right way."

Similarly, I ran by Grant Show the idea of a 90210-inspired "Melrose 2.0" when I spoke to him for Swingtown. "It's up to you guys," he said, laughing it off. "That's out of my hands." At my suggestion that his Jake return as "the sage pool cleaner," Show responded, "I'd like that! I never thought of him that way, but that's a good idea."