Jeff Probst Jeff Probst

Tom Colicchio isn't the only reality show good guy: Survivor host Jeff Probst helped out a woman who had a seizure over the weekend, E! Online reports.

While talking to the press at Sunday's Academy of Magical Arts Awards ceremony in L.A., Probst caught a camerawoman who suddenly suffered a seizure. "She fell into my arms, basically," he said. "She had a seizure and she didn't know it. When she came back to she said, 'I'm fine,' and she had no idea. Then she had another one."

Probst caught her again and this time lowered her to the ground. When she came to, the Emmy winner told her she needed to remain on the ground until medics arrived. Probst stayed with her until they did.

"I think anybody would react to that," he said. "That's just another person in trouble. Anybody would do that. It's amazing how quickly you can get into trouble."