After Shannen Doherty packed up her pointy hat and rode her broomstick away from Charmed, the remaining members of the WB series's coven of witches, Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs, hoped that the only scary creatures they'd encounter in the makeup trailer would be reporters. Alas, it turns out Doherty's replacement, Scream queen Rose McGowan, is a green-eyed monster.

"I get jealous that Alyssa gets to fly around in the air," admits the freshman sorceress, who took her place around the cauldron this season as Paige Matthews, the Halliwell siblings' newly discovered half sister. "I don't get to [soar]. That's upsetting.

"I mean, come on — that's like Peter Pan, like Mary Martin," she continues. "You get to fly around in a harness. That kicks ass! [Plus], you don't have to worry about terrorists."

All kidding aside, thus far McGowan has proven herself to be a real team player — no doubt, a relief to her colleagues, given that the 28-year-old spent her childhood in an Italian cult, once wore shock rocker Marilyn Manson's engagement ring, and was inspired to enter showbiz by the mother of all vixens. "[Once I came to America as a kid], I grew to love Joan Collins and Dynasty," she confesses, then adds with enthusiasm, "God----."

Of course, the big-screen bad girl (The Doom Generation, Jawbreaker) also could be on her best behavior because she knows something that her co-stars don't. "My character is actually probably going to wind up being the one with the most powers, which is a pretty cool development," she teases. "I'm [half witch] and half White Lighter, which is like [the trio's] guardian angel, and [the other girls'] mom was a witch and the dad was just a regular guy."

So, she reasons, maybe she'll be cleared for take-off yet.