Jay Leno, David Letterman Jay Leno, David Letterman

Though many details about Jay Leno's new prime-time talk show remain fuzzy, one thing is clear: Leno won't be making an appearance David Letterman's show anytime soon.

Letterman hinted to Rolling Stone in September that he'd perhaps like to have Leno on his show the first night that NBC's late-night king was out of a job. But Leno tells the New York Times he will not be making a trip to New York on June 1 out of respect for his Tonight Show replacement, Conan O'Brien.

"It would look like an insult to Conan," Leno said. "I would never do that."

Letterman's invite most likely came before it was revealed that Leno would stay on at NBC in the 10 pm/ET timeslot. But even though Leno doesn't want to detract from Conan's first-night-on-the-job ratings, he said he isn't opposed to visiting his 11:35 pm rival for the past 16 years at some point.

"(It) would be fun to do sometime," Leno said. "Doing his show in the '80s, going on and zinging back and forth, that was the most fun for me of anything I ever did in show business."

As for his new show, even Leno is unsure of how it will work out, but he says staying at NBC just made the most sense for him.

"When you go someplace else, you don't know the camera people; they don't know you. It takes a long time to get into that rhythm. And then you have the parade of white guys at 11:30 all doing essentially the same show," Leno said. "It's just a different model. So it's either a great idea or 'Oh my God, what was that?'"