Call Me Fitz Call Me Fitz

Jason Priestley rose to fame playing the smart and honorable Brandon Walsh on Beverly Hills, 90210, but his latest role as Richard "Fitz" Fitzpatrick couldn't be any more opposite.

In the DirecTV series Call Me Fitz, Priestley plays a used car salesman whose guilt-free lifestyle becomes complicated when a man named Larry shows up claiming to be his conscience.

"He's not hamstrung by any moral bounds," Priestley tells about the character. "Then this guy Larry shows up [and] knows a little too much about Fitz, so he has no choice but to keep him close."

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Already a hit in Canada, Priestley says that U.S. audiences will embrace the show as well. "The themes and the comedy in the show are universal," he says. "At the center of the show is an incredibly dysfunctional family. Everyone's got a dysfunctional family!"

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Call Me Fitz airs Thursdays at 9/8c on DirecTV.