I'm thinking more and more that this whole... outdoorsy-taking-away-from-valuable-drinking-time thing was not a good choice as a job to force upon a typical Real World cast. Really, what comes to mind when you think about the kinds of people Bunim-Murray casts to be on this show? Not really the wilderness type, and certainly not the camp-counselor Chris type (whom I still really hate for some reason. I guess it's the voice). The people who are on Real World, the people who are supposed to be on Real World, are incredibly opinionated, ultra-outgoing, horny alcoholics. This cast is no exception, so I really don't know why MTV thought making them go on nature hikes would work or be at all entertaining. Chris was right in his concern for these people's health: They may look pretty, but their actual level of physical health probably warrants a stint at rehab. I'm not surprised that they can't handle physically challenging situations that don't involve drinking.

I'll just say, thank god for the Brooke interludes back at the house, especially since I'm starting to think Brooke might have a touch of closet-alchy in her. She was a little too "all-business," if you know what I mean, when she was making those vodka and cokes last episode and seemed truly distressed when her shot went missing at that restaurant. It could just be life in the house, but she really can't complain anymore after this break. I have to wonder if she wasn't rubbing her mini-vacay in her roommates' faces, as Colie seemed to think, when she didn't even stop filing her nails to greet them. Oh, well. I love my Brooke, or maybe that's just by process of elimination.

Since I've made my feelings toward Colie pretty clear up to this point, I'm going to lay off her for the moment. (Judging from the preview of the next episode, I'm going to have a field day writing my next post, anyway.) But listening to her and Jenn go back and forth between whining like total wimps to giving themselves huge warm fuzzies over how accomplished they felt was pretty painful. And the awkwardness actually paralyzed me in my seat when Colie, for some reason, decided to tell Chris and Raleigh (I still love that that's her name) in front of everyone that she, Jenn and Alex were all part of a "love triangle." OK, Colie. That was not a love triangle; that's what you wish it was. It was sloppy, drunken sex followed by you being pathetic and obsessed. But apparently you've just decided to remember things differently. Mainly, though, why would you say that? Do you think about what comes out of your mouth at all? OK, sorry. I couldn't resist.