Sometimes I feel hung over from just watching this season. Seriously, can anyone remember the last time this cast was sober? And these alchies are falling into the same pattern again and again. How many times are we going to see two housemates (one usually being Jenn) get incredibly wasted, start insulting and screaming at each other for no apparent reason, and then make up the next morning because neither of them can really remember what happened? First with Davis and Tyrie (which I still haven't gotten over), then with Jenn and Tyrie. And now Jenn and Stephen and Jenn and Alex.

Well, just like I've never forgiven Davis for what he said when he was drunk, I don't think I'm getting over what Alex said in this episode anytime soon. He is actually a horrible person! Telling Stephen not to think of Jenn as a person but as a "fragile thing" to hurt in any way he can seriously creeped me out. And even weirder, when Alex is apparently (I can never tell) drunk and saying these awful things, he is completely calm, lucid and articulate. Sociopath in the making, if you ask me.

I hate to say it, but I can't really think of Jenn as a victim here. Whatever happened to her high-handed speeches about giving up drinking because her life was too important? (P.S. Does anyone else think Jenn's getting chunks? Yet another reason she should probs cut down on the drinking.)

But, as usual, Alex and Jenn have a hungover love-in the next day. Same with Jenn and Stephen (although I think Jenn might have been drunk again for that one). So frustrating. But Colie completely ruining Alex and Jenn's tender makeup moment by walking to the fridge in the background in her sweats and cheesy bun made me feel a little better.

So, during their fight, Jenn's comment to Stephen about him crying over his girlfriend was definitely what pushed him over the edge, right? I think he must have had a teary heart-to-heart with her at some point about his relationship that we just missed. But then again, Stephen seems to have little to no respect for his girlfriend. I feel like on the phone, he basically asks her to break up with him.

Also, what was with all the randos in the house with absolutely no explanation of who they were or why they were there? They were rampant in this episode! The three drunk girls in the hot tub needed no introduction, but who was that guy sitting at the table with Stephen during his screaming match with Jenn? And who were those two girls with Jenn before that? I guess they're unimportant, but some explanation would make their presence less startling, since the cast always seems to forget they're there once the nightly brawl starts up.

Oh, and Davis, don't think you're off the hook just because I'm almost done. We all know you should have been out of the house after the second episode, and you need to stop messing with poor Brooke just because you like the attention. But what in the world were you thinking telling Jenn what Alex said about her and her dad? What was the thought process with that one, Davis? And referring to it as just a "lame conversation" you witnessed with that stupid smile on your face? Ugh. This nut-job has got to go and keep his shirt on until then.