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The Cast of Amazon's Homecoming Shares Pop Culture Moments They Wish They Could Forget

You'd want to forget all these moments, if you could

Malcolm Venable

For the uninitiated, HomecomingAmazon's tense thriller that has Janelle Monáe leading Season 2, takes place in a somewhat spooky realm where things aren't what they seem and people have a hard time remembering things. As this season starts, Jackie (Monáe) wakes up in a canoe with no recollection of who she is or how she got there -- and she's not the only one who's completely disoriented either. Though Jackie comes to slowly piece together what's happened to her, Walter Cruz (Stephan James) also comes to discover some gaps in his memory too; as in Season 1, the former military serviceman learns that entire events have been wiped from his brain, raising some big and scary questions about what he hasn't been told and who wants him to forget what happened. Homecoming, you could say, is an exploration of what happens when some apparently important people develop some very concerning cases of intentional amnesia. 

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As serious and unsettling as that subject is, TV Guide decided to lighten the mood when we got a chance to talk with the Homecoming cast over Zoom. If for some reason you forgot that TV Guide loves to play a good game with the biggest stars on TV, well, TV Guide loves to play a good game with the biggest stars on TV, and in keeping with the theme of Homecoming, we decided to put a twist on our lesser-of-two-evils game "This Or That" with a pop culture amnesia twist. In this version, we quizzed Janelle Monáe and her co-stars about which standout pop culture moments they'd most like to forget -- from Fyre Festival to Goop's vagina candle, and more. Not surprisingly, a few of these presented some hard choices -- any reasonable person might pick all of them, frankly -- but, under the circumstances, the Homecoming cast chose wisely. Or did they? You be the judge. 

Homecoming Season 2 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Janelle Monáe, Homecoming

Janelle Monáe, Homecoming 

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