Jane the Virgin is becoming Jane the mother when the baby arrives on Monday's season-ender.

The CW show's freshman season will wind down with Jane (Gina Rodriguez) going into labor — on a bus — as both former loves Michael (Brett Dier) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) rush to be by her side. Like the series, the hour will infuse both emotion and humor with what executive producer Jennie Urman calls "fun and twisty and wacky developments" that will set up Season 2. And prepare those tissues because both Urman and Baldoni admit they were surprised by just how emotional they felt while the labor scene was filmed.

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But will the baby's arrival help Jane and Rafael find their way back to each other? Or will the reality of the life-changing moment lead Jane to realize the fantasy is over? Find out!

The baby is coming! What can you tease about the birth scene?
Justin Baldoni: It's on the serious side because we're dealing with birth, but for me, I'm about to have a baby, so I was surprised with how emotional I was and how real it was. We created, I think, a beautiful situation, but on Jane the Virgin you're given these real moments and then are dealt with something pretty massive. So there's a twist that comes right after. It'll be a beautiful payoff that we've all been waiting for, but then we're given something you're not expecting.

It looks like the love triangle will come to a head.
Yes, but I wouldn't say we're going to be left with a complete resolve. You're dealing with the telenovela world of who Jane is meant to be with. Because Jane and Rafael are having a baby and never had sex and she had a crush on him before [all of this], does this mean they're meant to be? There are strong arguments for both [Rafael and Michael] and they both have amazing qualities and complimentary traits to Jane in very different unique ways. At the end of the day, I think the most important thing for anybody that watches to realize is that the only team [fans] should be on is Jane's. She's the one having the baby, she's the one going through this and no one can understand how hard it must be for her. So [it should be] whichever man can step up and support her.

Speaking of triangle, does Petra (Yael Grobglas) have more up her sleeve to win Rafael back?
Baldoni: She has something up her sleeve and every other area. We have not seen the last of Petra just like we haven't seen the last of Michael and if Jane and Rafael are going to end up together the Michael Petra situation is far from being over.

Rafael made the decision to cancel his business trip. Will Jane see he's changed?
Rafael has such a messed up history and he wants to do things right for the first time in his life. But at the same time he doesn't want to be selfish and hurt people because of something he wants. So Rafael will finally get things off his chest. How Jane responds, we'll have to wait and see.

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Do you think he's changed?
Baldoni: We've watched Rafael be faced, for the first time, with "real people" challenges. He's lived a privileged life and he hasn't had the interpersonal responsibility he's had to deal with this year. So I'm proud with how far he's come. He's constantly given a problem, a life or death issue, his father dying, finding out his mother gave him away for money ... his outlet has been the way he loves Jane and what he's found is he's had to layer in parts of himself he didn't know were there and actually figure out who he believes in and who he wants to be. If it wasn't for Jane, he wouldn't have the perspective he has now on life. So he's made huge changes, but I do think that this is something that will be an ongoing issue because you don't get rid of history that quick. Rafael is learning how to make decisions that are not just for himself and everything he's doing now is for his future daughter or son or Jane and that's a new thing for him. We're watching him become a man.

Looking ahead to Season 2, are you excited for Rafael to be a father?
Baldoni: I can't wait to dig into it. Here's Rafael who's never taken care of anybody but himself, being tasked with taking care of Jane and taking care of a baby. So that is an incredibly new experience for him and I'll be experiencing it in real life too. The difference is I'll be more prepared. Hopefully next year I'll get a chance to do all the things I shouldn't do in real life, which was similar to this year with Jane and my wife Emily.

The Jane the Virgin finale airs on Monday at 9/8c on The CW.

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