Steve Harvey's unforgettable gaffe at the Miss Universe pageant is so 15 minutes ago. But it's still fodder for memes and jokes - even, apparently, shorthand for an on-stage mishap, if you ask Sheryl Underwood.

Jayne Lynch became the latest to turn Harvey's goof into comedic fodder, spoofing the screw-up on the People's Choice Awards Wednesday. As she presented a completely made-up award to Thomas Lennon, Lynch abruptly interrupted his speech.

Jane Lynch's Angel From Hell is funny, but is that enough?

"I'm sorry," she said. "I have to apologize here. First runner-up is Tom Lennon. The winter is Miss Colombia!" A beauty queen - who, it should be noted, is not the actual Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez — then came out, doing the pageant wave and smile we all love so much.

Looks like this one is going become the next "I'mma let you finish — the pop culture reference that'll live on forever. Get used to it, everyone!

Check out Lynch's bit below: