Kanye West and Taylor Swift Kanye West and Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's moment was stolen by Kanye West at the VMAs, but the singer doesn't want any trouble.  

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The 19-year-old singer, who was boldly interrupted by Kanye West during her acceptance speech for Best Female Video, said that she doesn't want to "start anything" because, despite the interruption, she "had a great night."

Still, West's (perhaps staged) protest that Beyonce should have won the category did put a damper on Swift's evening. "I was standing onstage, and I was really excited because I had just won an award and then I was really excited because Kanye West was on the stage," Taylor told E! News. "And then, um, I wasn't so excited anymore after that."

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Other celebrities were not so gentle. "Kanye West is the biggest piece of sh-- on earth. Quote me," Pink tweeted.

"Tator Tot, you handled yourself with Grace," good friend and tourmate Kellie Picker tweeted. "Kanye, go grow some f-ing balls bitch! don't mess w/my lil sis!"

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John Mayer called Swift "a class act," while fellow nominee Kelly Clarkson took to her blog immediately following the event.

"Dear Kanye, What happened to you as a child?? Did you not get hugged enough??" Clarkson wrote. "Something must have happened to make you this way and I think we're all just curious as to what would make a grown man go on national television and make a talented artist, let alone teenager, feel like sh--...I was actually nominated in the same category that Taylor won and I was excited for her, so why can't you be?"

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Regardless of the earlier incident, Beyonce shared her Video of the Year win with Swift by inviting her "to come out and have her moment." Swift, who happened to be standing backstage in a dress the same bright-red color as Beyonce's, came out to thank her fans.