V: The Series — NBC's 1984-85 show about reptilian alien "visitors" conquering Earth — didn't last long. Even so, anyone who saw the show (or the two miniseries that spawned it) remembers the deliciously evil Diana. We shiver just picturing that scene where her mouth unhinged and she gulped down a live guinea pig! With that Charlie's Angels hairdo, those blood-red lips and cool shades for Di's human disguise,

Jane Badler played her like a Texas cheerleader gone very, very wrong. Here, TV Guide Online rings up the 50-year-old actress to reminisce about the bad old days — and discuss another possible V invasion!

TV Guide Online: Diana was such a memorable character. Sort of a lizardy Lady Macbeth.
Jane Badler:
There are similarities, but there is probably a bit more humor in Diana. I had a lot of cheeky glee with the fact that she got so much pleasure out of being evil. And she was sexually ambivalent — I wanted to use Christine the newswoman as my sex toy! People always said I was like Joan Collins in outer space.

TVGO: We tracked you down in Australia. Do you live there?
I was here shooting the Mission: Impossible TV series [from 1989 to '90] and met an Australian man. I fell in love, stayed and had kids. It's been 13 years.

TVGO: Do the Aussies know you from V?
I just did a musical of Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca because I'm a singer as well. I do cabaret and theater here. Two cast members didn't want to speak to me during casting because they were so nervous. They were such fans. They were gay, and later told me all their friends dressed up as Diana when they were kids.

TVGO: So Diana became a gay icon?
Yes. They loved her even though she did such horrible things. On Halloween, I still see people in Diana costumes and I still get fan mail. So we're crossing our fingers that it all happens again.

TVGO: You mean there might be a new V miniseries?
Yes. Our producer, Kenny Johnson, has been working on it for some time. It's moving through the ranks.

TVGO: We'd love to know what Diana's been up to all these years.
I would, too. I sent Kenny a photo because I wanted him to know what I look like now. I said, "I've still got my mojo, so I want to make sure she's still sexually active." He said, "Don't worry. It's her downfall." Good!

TVGO: How did you land the role of Diana?
Kenny was very helpful. I was quite young and it was my first prime-time show. I was doing soap operas in New York — The Doctors, One Life to Live — and he brought me out to L.A. I love science fiction. And I love playing characters who maintain their sexuality and who are bad. I can't help myself. Since Diana, I've played a lot of characters who were bad.

TVGO: So are your fans excited about a possible V comeback?
Oh God, I've gotten so many e-mails from people. "Is it happening? Is it happening?" Oh well, we're all just waiting.