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Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has been asked to present three weeks' worth of school lunch menus to the Los Angeles school district, which this week shut down his attempts to film his ABC reality show in any of the county's schools.

Jamie Oliver to Los Angeles schools: Let me in!

In terminating the permit allowing Oliver to film Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, LAUSD effectively banned the chef from bringing his cameras into schools, according to

The Associated Press. However, on Friday, the district's director of food services, Dennis Barrett, asked Oliver to propose a set of menus costing no more than 77 cents a serving and adhering to federal and local regulations, the Los Angeles Times reports. Although Barrett's request doesn't promise that Oliver will then be allowed to resume filming, the chef remains hopeful. "For me, that feels like an amazing move forward," he told the Times. "I feel inspired and prepared to do it."

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Oliver's show, which draws attention to the problem of childhood obesity in America, will continue production for Season 2 regardless of the outcome in Los Angeles, according to the AP. Season 1 focused on Huntington, W.Va., the most overweight city in the country.